GS Troop 1420

Daisy    Kindergarten                                      1998-1999

 Daisy Year in Review  1998-1999


                   Troop 1420 Daisy Troop was formed this year. Your Leaders are Mrs. Buckley and Mrs. DeBenedetto.  We began with 12 registered girls and we added two more bringing the Troop to 14 for our first year. Our Troop is special because we have a great group of parents who also registered with their daughters this year, and will be rotating as extra helpers at all our meetings. We used Kaper charts all year with each girl having their duties to perform at the meetings, like flag ceremony, snack, clean up, and set up.

                   Our Daisy Troop meets on Wednesday afternoons at 3:45pm at the Robin Hood School. At our first meeting, we made magnets with the Girl Scout promise on them to put on our refrigerators to practice at home. We also learned the Daisy Clean up song and Make

New Friends song. This was the first time we made a circle to give  the Girl Scout Hand Squeeze at the end of a meeting too.

                 At our next meeting we made supply bags to carry our crayons, scissors and pencils back and forth  to our meetings. They were dark blue with white flowers on them and a drawstring. Do you still have yours?

 This year was all about learning about Girl Scouts .We read the story of Juliette Lowe, learned how to perform flag ceremonies and recite the promise, and met with older Girl Scouts on occasion.

                    We made beaded candy canes with pipe cleaners , traced our hands and wrote what we were good at on each finger, learned about Kuka-burra sitting in the old gum tree, and made Valentines for the Veterans. We made spring baskets and decorated invitations for our families to our Bridging Ceremony. We also made Daisy Scrapbooks that were called All About Me.

                  There was Maple Sugaring, A Me and My Guy Square Dance in December, and a 50’s Me and My Gal Dance in the spring.  There was Daisy/Brownie Gymnastics day, Swim nights, Ice Skating parties and Caroling at Whip Hill.

                     Our Troop marched in the Memorial Day parade for the first time, and some of you actually made it the whole way to Town Hall! We bridged to Brownies in June with other troops from the Robin Hood school.  It was quite a busy year!

 Leaders - Maureen Buckley   Trisha DeBenedetto

Troop Roster 1998-1999














TUCCELLI, ARIANA              


Brownies Grade 1                                              1999-2000

                                      BROWNIE TROOP 1420 YEAR IN REVIEW

                                                  GRADE 1 – 1999 -2000

 First Grade was another busy year for our troop. We added 6 new girls this year to bring our troop up to 20 girls. Your leaders are Mrs Buckley and  Mrs DeBenedetto.

We are meeting on Mondays this year from 3:15pm – 4:30pm in Mrs Nelson’s room. We chose to wear the white shirts we made as Daisys for our uniform along with our Sash.  We continue to use the Kaper Charts and now have 4 patrols. Every girl had a job at every meeting. There was attendance, patrol leader, supplies, flag, and cleanup.

We sold Girl Scout Cookies for the first time this year and Mrs Sicuso was our Cookie Parent. We worked on the following Try-its this year. 

GIRL SCOUT WAYS- We had a Halloween party and costume parade to celebrate Juliet Lowe’s birthday. Learned promise, handshake , friendship circle and brownie smile song, We had an investiture ceremony, made sit-a-pons, and read the brownie story in the book.  

DANCERCIZE – learned aerobics to music, made up own dances etc listening to all the songs they love.

GOOD FOOD –We took a  field trip to Shaws Supermarket where we priced food and learned how to use the registers, made fake grocery lists, made brownie soup ( with paper ingredients we drew and put in pot instead of  real food, read box labels.

ANIMALS –learned safety with strange animals. We took a hike through the Fells at the Botume House to look for animal homes at Spot Pond and played a charade game about animals.

MANNERS – we had 4 stations at our meeting . Table one had place settings and showed how to eat politely, #2 had 2 telephones and we practiced how to use the phone and what to do in an emergency, #3 game of meeting people and what to say, talked about respecting others. We sent them home with free chop sticks from China moon to practice eating like Chinese do.

PLAY – this Try-it was all about games from other countries. We worked on this all year as a fun activity to do at each meeting. 

OUTDOOR FUN- We went on a Town wide Encampment to Camp Virginia and spent the day tye dying, playing games and lighting camp fires.

 We also performed a lot of  COMMUNITY SERVICE and ended the year earning the STAR TROOP award

*Cleaned Robin Hood field on Stoneham Pride Day

*Decorated brown grocery bags for Shaws in the recycling project.

*Made Thanksgiving decorations for patients at Bear Hill

*Collected and counted books for the Gold award Senior’s project last Spring.

*Made pine cones, peanut butter and bird seed treats for the tree decorating at Whip Hill in December.

We marched in the Memorial Day Parade this year and borrowed old fashioned Brownie Uniforms to wear that day and kept them (rented) for the next 2 years.We are a STAR TROOP again this year.

  All in all , it was a very busy year and we learned a lot!   

LEADERS - Maureen Buckley  Trisha DeBenedetto


Rebecca Allard             Allison Birch                     Alison Brennan                   Lisa Buckley

Elayna DeBenedetto     Briana Galluccio                 Franchesca Jokiaho           Alyssa LoGrasso

Alexia Manning           Michelle Morgan                    Robyn Pacini                     Taylor Pizotti

Paige Quinn               Alana Reinold                    Nicole Savino                      Cara Trischitta

Ariana Tuccelli           Melissa Zeitlin                    Nicole Cabral


Brownies Grade 2                                              2000-2001

A Review of our Brownie Year  2000 -2001 ( Grade 2 )


We started with a Halloween Costume party in honor of Juliet Lowe’s (the founder of Girl Scout’s) birthday which is Oct 31st

 The girls put a lot of work into earning the FAMILY OF GOD Religious Medal. We met  with youth minister Mark Callahan to go over our books in early February.

 Worked on several ‘Lets Be Friends’ assignments to get to know each other better.

 Went on an OVERNIGHT sleepover at the NEW ENGLAND AQUARIUM in January


 Earned the MUSIC TRY- IT

 Made treats for birds and hung them up at WHIP HILL reservation in mid December.

 Christmas Caroling at WHIP HILL and also at the TOWN TREE LIGHTING CEREMONY.

 Worked on the COOKIES COUNT Try-it in preparation for selling Girl Scout cookies.

Girls sold an awesome amount of cookies this year!

 Made VALENTINES for the Veterans at the VA hospital in Bedford. They sent us a thank you note to say how much they liked them! 

 Played many Games, sang songs, did Arts and Crafts and learned Girl Scout ways at meetings. Held Investiture ceremony for our new brownie, Janess and new leader, Lara.

 Attended International Fair hosted by the 5th grade Juniors. Earned the AROUND THE WORLD TRY-IT

 Held several COOKIE BOOTH SALES at Shaws and Ames in addition to the girls selling individually.


 Went to  DAISY meetings to teach them about Brownie Ways in preparation for their crossover to Brownies 

 WE EARNED THE COUNCIL’ S STAR TROOP AWARD –3rd year in a row! In order to do this you have to accomplish a lot of things that our troop was able to do!


 Town Wide events were offered that some girls chose to attend this year. They were:

SWIM NIGHT                                           ME AND MY GUY WESTERN

ICE SKATING                                         ME AND MY GAL LUAU

BROWNIE GYMNASTICS                             ROLLERSKATING

WHIP HILL                                               FALL HIKE

ENCAMPMENTS                                        EARLY REGISTRATION




LEADERS _ Maureen Buckley  Trisha DeBenedetto   Lara Kim


Rebecca Allard                         Allison Birch                    Alison Brennan

Lisa Buckley                             Nicole Cabral                   Janess Carroll

Olivia Corapi                            Elayna DeBenedetto          Briana Galluccio

Franchesca Jokiaho                    Alyssa Lo Grasso              Alexia Manning

Robyn Pacini                             Taylor PIzzotti                 Paige Quinn

Alana Reinold                           Nicole Savino                    Ariana Sicuso

Cara Trischitta                          Melissa Zeitlin   

Brownies Grade 3                                              2001-2002


Troop 1420 – YEAR IN REVIEW  Grade 3 Brownies 2001-2002

 Our troop had another busy year this year.  We continue to meet in the auditorium at the Robin Hood School . The troop is large and we have lots of help from our parents and also run the troop in 4 patrols.They participated in several service projects.Including the Friends or our Troops letter writing campaign where the girls wrote holiday letters to the Military. Some of them even got letters back!

Those who sent over 25 letters will received a certificate from the Friends of our Troops organization. They include:

Elayna DeBenedetto               Lisa Buckley                  Ariana Tuccelli

Ariana Sicuso                          Robyn Pacini                 Melissa Zeitlin

Recipients from our sister Junior Troop were:

Brittany Nardone      Channa Carrol    and Deidre Burke

Zachary Nardone also earned a certificate.

  • The troop also set up tables and brought desserts for 75 people twice to the Stoneham Community Dinner at the Congregational Church.
  • They made bookmarks for the Robin Hood School read-a-thon too.


Our Field Trips included:

Hayride and pumpkin picking at Smolak Farms

Tour of WRKO radio station


Putnam Pantry Smorgasboard and Secret Valentine Party

Duck Tours in Boston

Historical Society in Stoneham

And once again we all marched in the Memorial Day Parade

 Crafts included:

Sit upons

Beaded gymp

Flag pins

Christmas decorations

Masks for Mardi Gras Mother /Daughter Dance


Troop went on it’s first camping overnight and had a great time!(Cedar Hill Waltham)

 Try Its we earned:

Building It- girls that went to Northeastern University’s special program

American Flag

Art to Wear

Sports and Games

Ready,Get Set, Go Camping

Listening to the Past

Girl Scout Ways


 The girls have worked with the 6th grade Junior Troops during the year as they prepare for their bridging to Juniors this year. And they also already earned their first Junior badge- United We Stand!

 The Girls have had a lot of fun as Brownies for the last 3 years and not it is time for them to move on to the new adventures waiting for them at the next level on the Girl Scout Trail. Each girl then crossed the bridge when their name was called and received their awards for the year. They were greeted by a Junior Girl Scout. Troop 1420 is a STAR TROOP again this year!

 Cookie awards this year went to :

TShirts  (over 100 boxes) - Lisa Buckley        Alyssa LoGrasso     Franchesca Jokiaho

 Top Seller of Cookies for the whole town of Stoneham this year was Franchesca Jokiaho who earned a special 1000 patch for her uniform and got a savings bond for her extra efforts. We ended the year by singing make new friends while holding hands in the friendship circle.


LeadersMaureen Buckley   Lara Kim

Girls in Troop

Rebecca Allard              Allison Birch                    Alison Brennan                     Lisa Buckley

Nicole Cabral                Jeness Carroll                  Maria Costa                         Elayna DeBenedetto

Briana Galluccio            Franchesca Jokiaho         Alyssa Lo Grasso                  Alexia Manning

Robyn Pacini                Taylor Pizotti                  Nicole Savino                         Ariana Sicuso

Cara Trischitta             Ariana Tuccelli                 Melissa Zeitlin                      

Junior    Grade 4                                    2002 - 2003

                                             GRADE 4  YEAR IN REVIEW

 This was our first year as Junior Girl Scouts. We had a very busy start, as our Troop planned and ran the ME & MY GUY Dance ( we chose to do a Sports Theme) in January. The girls did a great job and everyone had fun!  That was the biggest game of musical chairs I have ever seen played! 


Some badges we worked on this year were:



Troop 1420 also ran the Towns Junior Encampment weekend in March at Camp Cedar Hill in Waltham.


 Some service project included writing to the soldiers in the Friends of Our Troops program, the Community Dinners, and Caroling.

We also visited younger Troops to help run meetings while the girls worked on their Junior Aide Award. And we began working on the Sign of the Star Requirements. 


Troop 1420 earned the STAR TROOP award again this year for running an active program and getting all our paperwork in on time.  The Girls all braved the rain and marched in the Memorial Day Parade in May. 

 We sold Cookie and 5 scouts received T-Shirts for selling over 100 boxes. They are : Maria Costa,

Lisa Buckley, Franchesca Jokiaho, Alyssa LoGrasso, and Alexia Manning. 

Both Alyssa LoGrasso and Alexia Manning sold over 150 boxes and received  stuffed leapords too!

Eleven of our Juniors have been in the Troop since we started out 5 years ago as Daisys, and received their 5 year pins. They are: Allison Birch, Alison Brennan, Lisa Buckley, Elayna DeBenedetto, Briana Galluccio, Alyssa Lo Grasso, Franchesca Jokiaho, Robyn Pacini, Ariana Sicuso, Nicole Savino, and Ariana Tuccelli..

 This summer Troop 1420 will be going to Camp Wabasso in Bradford, NH for 4 days to participate in the Troop Camping Program. It should be alot of fun !

The girls all attended our yearly recognition night and were each given a balloon with their advancements attached after singing a few songs. 

Congratulations on another great year! 

 Leaders : Maureen Buckley  Lynda Allard

Girls in Troop:

Rebecca Allard , Allison Birch , Alison Brennan, Lisa Buckley , Nicole Cabral, Maria Costa, Elayna DeBenedetto, Briana Galluccio, Franchesca Jokiaho, Alyssa LoGrasso, Alexia Manning, Robyn Pacini, Margaret Robinson, Nicole Savino, Ariana Sicuso, Ariana Tuccelli, and Melissa Zeitlin


Juniors   Grade 5                                                2003-2004


                                    TROOP 1420 - YEAR IN REVIEW   2003-2004

Our second year as Junior Girl Scouts was an eventful one!  We decided to have the scouts run the meetings this year. The ideas and outcome were great! Everyone did a great job and thank you to the parents who made it all come together!  We met again this year at the Robin Hood School on Friday nights.




Some of the girls completd their Junior Aide Award requirements. They were NICOLE CABRAL, ARIANA SICUSO, and ARIANA TUCCELLI., while others have already completed it and some are in progress. 


As we are in our 6th year as a troop, some of the girls have earned their 5 year pin this year. they are : REBECCA ALLARD, NICOLE CABRAL, MARIA COSTA, ALEXIA MANNING, MELISSA ZEITLIN and asst. leader LYNDA ALLARD. 


We had several successful cookie booth sales this year. The girls did a great job of selling individually too. Each girl received a participation patch. Several girls earned more prizes as high sellers.

REBECCA ALLARD - 137 boxes - Fish Pen,(70) and Tshirt (100)

LISA BUCKLEY - 202 boxes - Fish Pen(70), Tshirt (100), water bottle (150), teddy bear (200), 200+ numeral (troop high seller)

MARIA COSTA - 100 boxes - Fish Pen (70), Tshirt (100)

ALEXIA MANNING - 141 boxes - Fish Pen(70), Tshirt (100)

ARIANA SICUSO - 120 boxes - Fish Pen (70), Tshirt (100)   


 Some of our activities this year included a HAUNTED HAYRIDE, TIDAL POOL BEACH TRIP with candle making in the sand, VISIT FROM AN AMBULANCE COMPANY (lots of fun in the ambulance!), went to see A CHRISTMAS CAROL play at the Stoneham Theatre, KARATE instruction from Franchesca's Dad, who is a world known award winning black belt, HELD OUR OWN FASHION SHOW, PET CARE meeting, had a WEEKLY WALKING CLUB, JUNIOR ENCAMPMENT, MARCHED IN THE MEMORIAL DAY PARADE, and we have an upcoming TRIP TO HERSHEY PARK in PENN, planned for the end of June.

We also participated in Troop camping last summer at Camp Wabasso , our first time in Open Tents!

 Without the dedicated support of our parents, this troop could not succeed as well as it has for the past 6 years. Special thanks go out to Cheryl Birch who has held the position of COOKIE MOM for our large group for the last 3 years!


We would also like to thank Yvonne Lorenzetti for her great efforts in putting together our  year in review photo booklets this year. Thanks!!!!!








Juniors   Grade 6                                            2004- 2005

                              TROOP 1420 - YEAR IN REVIEW   2004-2005

Well, we made it! Sixth grade now and our 3rd year of Junior Girl Scouting! This year was another eventful one. The girls are so busy now with school, church, sports, dance and other outside activities and still found time to earn badges and participate in activities all year! We meet at the Middle School now on Friday nights, once a month and other times there are activities going on. Once again, the girls ran the meetings all year and they came up with some awesome ideas! Everyone did a great job and thanks to the parents who made it all come together! While a few of us will not be continuing next year and we will miss them, others have worked hard to complete all the bridging requirements and will cross over into Cadettes tonight. 

The girls participated in the Light the Night Walk around Lake Quanapowitt in September.

Some badges we worked on this year were : COOKING, CREATIVE SOLUTIONS, CONSUMER POWER, MY COMMUNITY, LOCAL LORE, BUSINESS WISE, and THE COOKIE CONNECTION. They also earned the BADGE TO BUSINESS CADETTE PIN. Some earned their second SIGN. The sign of the RAINBOW. 

Most of the girls are in their 6th or 7th year of scouting now.

We had 11 girls participate in our successful Cookie booth sale at Shaws this year. And 2 more were held at the Post Office. The girls did a great job selling individually too. Each girl got a patch for participating. Several girls earned more prizes as high sellers. 

REBECCA ALLARD - 178 boxes - heart clip(100) Tshirt(100) Scrapbook (150)

LISA BUCKLEY  - 148 boxes - heart clip(100) Tshirt (100)

ALYSSA LO GRASSO - 100 boxes - heart clip (100) Tshirt(100)

ARIANA SICUSO - 100 boxes _ heart clip (100) Tshirt(100)

Great Job Girls s

Six girls went even further along the GS trail and earned the highest Award in Junior Scouting, The BRONZE AWARD. There were extra badges to earn, a special project to develop, plan and implement, and fundraising as well. Congratulations to REBECCA ALLARD, ALISON BRENNAN, LISA BUCKLEY, BRIANA GALLUCCIO, NICOLE SAVINO and MELISSA ZEITLIN.

We ended last year with a 3 day trip to Hershey Park, Pennsylvania. Eighteen of us camped in a campground nearby, spent a day at the Park, packed up on Sunday and visited Indian Caverns and sifted for Gold afterward and made necklaces with our "treasures". Everyone had a great time.!

This past summer some of the girls also ventured into some more camping . We went to Camp Menotomy in Meredith NH for some Troop camping. We slept in platform tents , swam and boated on Lake Winnepasaukee and cooked all our meals outside for 4 days. Lots of great memories were made!

The Troop earned the STAR TROOP AWARD for another year in a row! 

This years activities included : a HALLOWEEN PARTY, a CHRISTMAS PARTY , SNOW TUBING, A TRIP TO THE MALL to scavenger for prices and items in teams, TOUR OF THE REVERE MOVIE THEATER and we saw  a free movie, an overnight at HAMPSHIRE HILLS SPORTS CLUB, and a tour of the LOCAL CEMETERY in search of LOCAL LORE. We also worked with the Cadette Troop on a BUSINESS badge.

 We are looking forward to an upcoming trip to the White Mountains at the end of June and another camping trip this summer.Without the dedicated support of our parents, this troop could not success as well as it has for the last 7 years. Special thanks goes out to Cheryl Birch and Marianne Reinold who shared the position as COOKIE MOM for our large group this year!   







Cadette    Grade 7                                                 2005-2006

                                      TROOP 1420-     2005-2006    (Grade 7)


This is our first year as Cadettes. We now wear a tan vest and a blue tab holder for our pins. Instead of badges we now earn IPPs (Interest Project Patches) that we will earn as Cadettes and Seniors.  We continue have our meetings at the Middle School this year on Friday nights.

At the end of the school year last June, our Troop took an end of year trip to North Conway , New Hampshire. We spent a day at the Alpine Slide (where a few overzealous scouts went off the track!), and drove to the top of Mt Washington where we checked out the sites and later went to the weather museum in North Conway center to check out the information coming from the observatory at the Top of Mt Washington. We had excellent weather and visited Echo Lake, went to the top of Cathedral Ledge. and spent some time at Jackson Hole splashing around in the river. We had our picture taken under a covered bridge and some girls caught some frogs near Whittiker Woods (where we stayed) at the brook.! 

Once the school year began, it was another busy year for the Troop. We also decided we were going to work on the Silver Award  over the next three years, so girls began to work on those requirements as well. Some of the girls attended a wonderful program in September offered at Camp Cedar Hill from EMS sports. Along with outside skills that were taught, the ALL ABOUT BIRDS badge was earned. In October we went on a camping weekend at Camp Rice Moody in Reading , Mass. We went with a younger Troop from St Patricks, to teach them camping skills and  help them on their first camping trip. We also had a Trolley ride planned for Salem Mass. that month, but we had what was almost a hurricane that day and had to cancel our plans. November brought us to the Vocational School for another Town Wide Swim night. In December, the girls decided they wanted to go to Build a Bear for their meeting. As 7th graders, you might think we were a little old for this activity, but everyone had a lot of fun! In January, after months of planning, the Troop hosted the Me and My Guy Dance .  Our theme this time was Grease and we had some really neat patches made up and had 45 records for the backing for the Father/Daughter photos.  We had a dance contest that everyone enjoyed as well. The girls all wore pink t-shirts that said the Pink Ladies on the front. 

 In February, we went to North Conway again, this time on a ski weekend at Mt Cranmore. Once again the girls had a super time. For a community service project in April, the Troop did a MAJOR clean up of the Middle School Auditorium, washing the walls, seats, vacuuming everywhere, and cleaning the back stage area. The principal was very pleased with the girls’ efforts.

 We got VERY ambitious and decided to attempt a Spring Fling Dance at the end of the school year for Middle School students. Once again it was well received. We had a balloon drop in the middle of the dance floor that was an added surprise at the end of the night.  The troop sold Cookies again this year and once again earned the STAR TROOP award!

We also marched in the Memorial Day parade again this year.

 LEADERS: Maureen Buckley    Lynda Allard 

COOKIE MOM:  Marianne Reinold


Rebecca Allard          Alison Birch                                Alison Brennan         Lisa Buckley                     Nicole Cabral            Shannon Collins                           Briana Galluccio       Kimberly Galindo    Franchesca Jokiaho   Alyssa Lo Grasso                          Kim Lyons               Alexia Manning        Samantha Peterson    Alana Reinold                             Nicole Savino            Melissa Zeitlin


Cadette    Grade 8                                            2006-2007

TROOP 1420     2006- 2007

Year in Review ( grade 8)


We had another super busy year. Between everyone’s outside commitments and fundraising, the Troop was going, going , going all year long.We again met this year on Friday nights at the Middle School. 

We started the year by finishing up last year with the Spring Fling Middle School Dance fundraiser. The dance was well received by students and successful for our troop.

 September brought us to the Stoneham TV station where we toured and talked to the Station Director who happened to have been a Girl Scout herself in her youth. We made a short public service announcement (that she still needs to give me copies of!), that was to be shown on their station. We also attended the Fall Town Senior Encampment trip to Camp Menotomy in Meridith, New Hampshire for the Survivor Camping Weekend. For a few of the girls, it was a first time in platform tents. There were lots of girls and lots to do all weekend.

Our Haunted Hayride at Krochmal Farms in Tewksbury was a real Scream! We sang girl scout songs and yelled at the top of our lungs, while riding in a wagon through the woods. We roasted marshmallows and made s’mores afterward outside by the fire.

Some girls attended the production of ‘The Yellow Dress’ at the Stoneham Theatre. It was a play that had a dialogue with the audience afterward. It was very well attended by the teens of Stoneham.

The troop attended the Vocational School Swim night in November. We also had a scrapbooking meeting where we used a lot of our old scout photos to fill them, once they were made.

 The troop did a lot of Community service this year starting with the baking donations we sent to the senior centers Frost Fair, making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the less fortunate, donating the water from our dances to the middle school, donating sports equipment to the Boys and Girls Club, food pantry donations and flag placing at the cemetery.

We had a Christmas party meeting with an ugly sweater theme. A gift swap and made we snowmen out of trashbags. Our January meeting was all about eating right, exercising, and staying stress free.

February was the beginning of all the COOKIE BOOTH SALES!! There were lots of them going on for about a month at train stations, with girls hoping to bring up their troop funds for the upcoming Puerto Rico trip and other activities. In February we also went for a fun relaxing night of Glo Bowling at Woburn Bowladrone . What’s up with the bumpers???!!

Some of the girls attended a Nursing Program at Simmons College during the winter. They also were invited to go into Boston and shadow a nurse one day a few months later. It was a great experience for them all.

  In March we met at the Middle School and learned to cook food from another country. We also got to eat it!  March was also the Hampshire Hills Overnight. There was a little snow that fell during the night while we were frolicking inside in the pool area to remind us it was still wintry outside.

Two of our scouts participated in the Spring Vacation Real Estate Camp offered by Council.

In April the troop took on another fundraiser . We put on a second Middle School dance, but this time invited middle school students from all over town. We called it the Vacation Kick Off dance and bravely held it on Friday the 13th! It was another very successful event for our troop.

Girls that attended our April meeting earned the Dreams to Reality patch. The May meeting was more craftsy, with the hopes we would have a float for the Memorial Day Parade. It didn’t work out, but we did use the decorations on the convertible that Shirley Murray “Mrs. Girl Scout” road in that day. Some girls also went to the St Pat Cemetery a few days before Memorial Day to help place flags on the veterans graves and also marched in the parade behind the car.

There is an upcoming trip planned this summer to Puerto Rico. We hope to be able to take another trip again in a year or so.  We earned STAR TROOP Again this year too!     

We are ending our year with a pool party and recognition night at the Brennan’s house. Keep that sun shining!   Have a great summer !  Most of us will be traveling to Puerto Rico for  a week in August for an exciting trip to experience the island  and all it’s wonders . We are staying in Cabo Rojo which is on the opposite side of the island than San Juan, so this should be interesting!    


IPPs Earned this Year:



Creative Cooking

Badge to Business

On the Playing Field

From Stress to Success

 Dreams to Reality Patch


Leaders : Maureen Buckley    Lynda Allard

Cookie Mom:   Ausenda Cabral    Elsa Zeitlin


Girls in Troop:

Rebecca Allard                Allison Birch                 Alison Brennan                  Lisa Buckley

Kim Cabral                       Nicole Cabral                Shannon Collins                 Briana Galluccio

Kim Galindo                    Franchesca Jokiaho        Alyssa LoGrasso               Kim Lyons

Alexia Manning               Kelly O'Neil                   Samantha Peterson            Alana Reinold                   Nicole Savino                  Melissa Zeitlin  

Cadette       Grade 9                                      2007-2008


                                                 YEAR IN REVIEW – 2007-2008                       Gr 9


        We began this year right after our Troop Year End party last spring. Some of us went into Boston and walked the Freedom Trail during the day, and then had a wonderful BBQ and tent sleepover in the LoGrasso’s yard that night. A sudden lightening storm and leaking tents drove most of the attendees into the house to ‘sleep’ on sofas instead.

      In August, twenty three of us traveled to Puerto Rico for an excellent adventure. We stayed in Cabo Rajo as guests of the Jokiaho family at their beach house. Between the sun, the sights and the company, it was a memorable experience for all!  We toured a salt factory, climbed the cliffs to the“Las Salinas” lighthouse, hiked ‘Cueva de Cofresi” pirates caverns, land once owned by the Rockerfellers with an archeologist, who took us deep into and through a cave, visited a coffee plantation, checked out the local sites in Boqureon, ate local cuisine, visited the University of Puerto Rico where the marine biologists took us through the mangroves by boat and to the reefs where we snorkeled,  visited the Florescent Bay , and swam in the glowing waters, got a private tour of the Governors mansion in San Juan and shopped afterward nearby, visited the Caribo Girl Scout Council office and store (the only Council in Puerto Rico). It was an incredible time!

          Over the last 3 years as Cadettes, our badgework has taken us closer toward earning the Silver Award. This Fall we worked on some of the last requirements needed  before completing the 40+ hour service project. We earned the “Uniquely Me “and “Looking In, Looking Out” Studio 2B charms, and the Leadership pin, among other advancements. We will be starting our Veterans Cemetery Project in the next few weeks, to complete the last part of the requirements for the Silver Award. A few of you have chosen other projects that were interesting to them to work on instead. 

          We changed our meeting day this year to Sundays due to so many conflicts with the girls busy schedules. They continue to run the meetings.  Some of our activities this year included, a Trip to Hammond Castle’s  ‘Castle of the Damned” for Halloween, followed by a Friendly ice cream visit. We participated in the “Stoneham Alliance Against Violence Walk” in downtown Stoneham, made and delivered a gift basket to the first baby girl born on Oct 31st at the Winchester Hospital in honor of Juliette Low’s birthday. We volunteered at the Veterans Road Race in November, and made some preliminary plans for a Town Wide Fashion Show. We had a Gingerbread House decorating meeting in December, made 150 PB& J sandwiches for the Boston Food Group and took a trip to Chunkys Cinema Pub in NH to see “Definitely, Maybe”. The troop worked on the American Patriotism IPP, including making Valentines for the Veterans at the VA Hospital in Billerica. Our Town Wide trip to Hampshire Hills again this year  for a sports themed overnight was a lot of fun too. Some girls signed up for an event at Wellesley College and earned the Planet Power IPP. Our May trip took us Indoor Sky Diving at Sky Ventures in New Hampshire and at the following meeting, we earned the BXtreme IPP (Interest Patch Badge).

          Our Troop sold cookies again this year, but after the overwhelming results we achieved last year, most girls appeared to have taken a breather this year on sales.

         We will finish the year up by working at all the cemeteries in Stoneham to locate and document all of the veteran’s graves and then put the information along with maps, on the Towns Web site for others to use in placing flags on Memorial Day each year. Once again we marched in the Memorial Day parade this year.

         As 3rd year Cadettes, we will also be bridging this year into Senior Girl Scouts. Though the uniform is the same, each girl will receive a bridging patch to add to her uniform after completing all the requirements.

        This is the 10th year Troop 1420 has been in existence. The troop was formed in 1998 in Kindergarten.  Six Girls received their 10 year pins this year, to recognize their membership in the Girl Scouts of America since 1998. They are:

 Allison Brennan, Lisa Buckley, Briana Galluccio, Franchesca Jokiaho, Alyssa LoGrasso, and Nicole Savino   Way to go girls! There are quite a few more of you who will be receiving them next year too.

We had a 10 year reunion party for our End of Year Party this year and invited past members of the troop to attend. We had a nice showing of girls that night and even made the traditional s’mores over the fire!  Onward and upward! Troop 1420 also earned the STAR TROOP award again this year!!


Badges , etc Earned:

 American Patriotism

 Planet Power

 B Xtreme

 Uniquely Me & Looking in Looking out Studio 2B Charm

Cadette Career Pin

Cadette Leadership Pin

10 year attendance Pin


Leaders: Maureen Buckley    Lynda Allard

Cookie Moms:  Elsa Zeitlin   Ausenda Cabral   Maureen Buckley

 Girls In Troop:

Rebecca Allard              Alison Brennan              Lisa Buckley                Kim Cabral

Nicole Cabral                Shannon Collins            Briana Galluccio          Kim Galindo

Franchesca Jokiaho      Alyssa LoGrasso           Kim Lyons                   Alexia Manning

Kelly O’Neil                   Samantha Peterson       Nicole Savino              Melissa Zeitlin

Senior                         2008-2009                       Grade 10

                   TROOP 1420 – YEAR IN REVIEW – 2008-2009     Gr 10


We started this year in mid summer , documenting the cemeteries to complete the Silver Award project requirements. After a lot of effort, all the paperwork was submitted, and  12 girls became Silver Award Recipients. They are Rebecca Allard, Alison Brennan, Lisa Buckley, Kim Cabral, Nicole Cabral, Briana Galluccio, Franchesca Jokiaho, Alyssa LoGrasso, Kim Lyons, Alexia Manning, Nicole Savino and Melissa Zeitlin.

At our second meeting we made plans for a town wide Middle School Halloween dance. The girls decided to host it dress up like cats. Guest were encouraged to wear costumes. We sold glo necklaces and our dj,  DJ Buono had smoke machines to add to the Halloween mood. The dance was another big success.We plan to make this Dance a yearly event from now on.

Our next activity was the 2nd annual SAAV Walk Against Violence which ran from the Town Common to the High School and back. Those attending were given t-shirts and balloons for the walk.

Some of the Troop traveled to North Conway to  visit the Haunted Ghoullog and were rightly terrified out at night, in the dark at Cranmore Mountain. Delicious meals were  cooked by the Troop, at Whittaker Woods , where we stayed overnight.

On Veterans Day some of the troop braved the early morning cold and volunteered at the Veterans Day Road race . There they face painted, helped with registrations, manned the water stations and served soup to the runners after the race. Their efforts were greatly appreciated by the race committee. Some of the girls helped out at Eric Buckley’s Eagle Court of Honor ceremony in November. Some girls also helped younger troops this year at their meetings.

In February, we hosted a Winter Skills weekend at Camp Rice Moody for all older Stoneham Girl Scouts. They were taught how to winter camp. How to make stew, fires, cut wood, set up tents, use a Klondike sled, dress in cold weather, kinds of cold weather food, etc. packing, Klondike sled racing and team work with the biatholon. Thanks to Mr Buckley for helping us  by bringing the Klondike sled and giving lessons in cooking, sawing wood and fire building that day . 

Our girls also earned the G O Girl and What if I Couldn’t IPPs this year. 

In March, we held a wonderful Ceremony at St Patrick Parish Center to recognize the girls for earning the Silver Award. We had representatives from their projects come and speak and lots of family and friends to support them.

 Later in March, we earned the On the Road Charm and learned about cars, and how to get your license and rules of the road. (note: the charm is now a patch). We went again to Hampshire Hills and had a great time staying up all night in the Sports Club while swimming, climbing , and  trying out all the activities available.

In March our Troop hosted a Studio 2B Charm workshop for Cadettes, to help them earn the charms needed for the Silver Award. It was attended by 40 Stoneham Girl Scouts and was a big success. Topics covered were self esteem, bullying, how to handle middle and high school, just to name a few. The girls did a wonderful job running this event. Our Troop still has the girls running all their meetings this many years later. In April we were treated to a meeting full of Games, working on the Games for Life badge.

  Some of the girls helped out during April during vacation week at the New England Orienteering Clubs big event , babysitting the participants children while they competed over the weekend.

 We also traveled in to Harvard Business School for a  Panel Discussion of woman who talked about how they made decisions in where to go to college, what career to try, and how to be successful in getting into college. It was run by the Council for older girls.

 In May we went back to the cemeteries to tie up lose ends on sections that no one had been assigned during the Silver project.  Some of the Troop attended the Women in Engineering Workshop at UMass Lowell and came home with some handmade electric games they had built. One scout helped at the Town Encampment this year for younger girls at Camp Maude Eaton.

  We were honored this year by the Town of Stoneham for our Veterans Graves project by being made honorary members of the Memorial Day Parade this year and marched at the front of the parade. At Town Hall afterward, each girl was presented with a Town Pin and plaque for her contribution to the town, during their ceremonies.

  The year wasn’t over yet though!  In June the Troop traveled down to the Cape and spent the weekend at Mrs Allard’s cottage in Dennisport. After attending a Learn to Fly Fish Day hosted by the Cape Cod Salties Fishing CLub in Dennis, where we learned to spin cast and all about the waters around the Cape. We then traveled down to Provincetown later in the day and did some site seeing. We worked on our Oceanography badge the next day.A beautiful weekend weather-wise for us too!

 Our final event for the year was a 2 day trip to New York City at the end of June. We traveled to the city mid week, walked around site-seeing and then visited the GS Headquarters where we were lucky to be invited by the marketing group to join a taste testing going on right then for the new GS Cookie Ice cream flavor that was coming out later in the year. Yum! We then went to Student Live and had a private workshop with an actor from the Broadway Musical “ In the Heights” who taught the girls one of the dance numbers from the show. After changing and dinner, we all went to the show that night and had an awesome time, as now we knew one of the dances by heart, and personally knew a cast member! We stayed overnight in Brooklyn, and the next day, took the ferry to Staten Island, visited Battery Park, and shopped on Canal Street before we headed home. Another great end to the year!

We also sold cookies again this year. And once again were a STAR TROOP!The girls also continue to run their own meetings coming up with great ideas for activities! We also continue to meet on Sunday nights at St Patrick Church.

 Some of the girls earned their 10 year attendance pins this year. They were:

Rebecca Allard,  Nicole Cabral, Kim Cabral, Alexia Manning, and Melissa Zeitlin.


Leaders :  Maureen Buckley    Lynda Allard

Cookie Moms:  Elsa Zeitlin       Maureen Buckley


Girls in Troop:

Rebecca Allard         Alison Brennan                Lisa Buckley               Kim Cabral

Nicole Cabral            Briana Galluccio             Kim Galindo                     Franchesca Jokiaho

Alyssa LoGrasso       Kim Lyons                      Alexia Manning           Nicole Savino

Melissa Zeitlin


Seniors/Ambassadors     Grade 11                        2009 - 2010


                                              Troop 1420 Year in Review 2009-2010

Troop 1420 began the year with a Kick off meeting in early September. We also welcomed new member Kaitlin McKenzie to our troop this year. We decided to run a fundraiser again with another Middle School Halloween Dance at Stoneham High School. We had a few obstacles this year because the SMS wont let us sell tickets on the property anymore but we ended up having a successful night in spite of the confusion.   Some of the Troop joined the 1982 Beautification Committee at their annual High School Clean up day and helped clear out trash from the high school fields. In November we traveled to the Kangamangus Highway in NH and went Ziplining. Quite a thrill!  A week later we were lucky to get a private tour at the Boston Ballet by Artistic Director Mikko Nissinen, a personal friend of Mr Jokiaho's. The girls watched the performance  called World Passions.

 We held a Gold meeting to go over what people still needed to do for pre requisites toward the award and the girls planned the upcoming year for activities they wanted to do and who would run them. For the December meeting the girls held a Yankee Swap meeting and exchanged gifts. We began cookie sales in December. The cost is still $4.00 a box. Our high sellers this year were Alyssa Lo Grasso (300) and Lisa Buckley (348). Nice job girls! This years cookie theme was a frog.A special thank you to this years cookie moms, Elsa, and Ausenda!  In January, the girls ran a meeting to work on the Paperworks IPP. Mrs Lorenzetti was kind enough to let them work out of her office studio of her Balance Design Business, which is an awesome personalized invitation and card business.

In February, some of the girls traveled to Laselle College in Newton for the Woman Career Fair. 13 careers were represented and girls were also able to do a mock college interview if they wanted practice and pointers.  We ran another Charm workshop this year for Cadette Girl scouts and worked on a new charm along with the other original two. During School vacation we got a special chance to tour a medical supply company and see how sports slings and other orthopedic aids are designed and put together at Corflex in NH. Thanks to Ted Lorenzetti and his great staff, for the attention and information they gave the girls!

In March some of the girls traveled to Wellesley College and worked with the College Girl Scout Campus Org on the Law and Order IPP. One girl went back and earned the On a High Note IPP there again the next month. The annual Hampshire Hills Overnight was also in March and along with the usual gym, climbing wall and pool, the girls were able to watch the new Twilight movie during the night. One of our girls went to visit a Cadette Troop to tell them all about what it was like to earn the Silver Award and answer any questions the younger girls had. In April the Troop participated in the OXFAM Hunger Banquet in Topfield and learned about worldwide hunger and ate according to the global way that food is being distributed around the world.

The girls have been actively working toward the Gold Award and Mrs. Buckley has had meetings with each girl at least once, with a parent, to help them think about what they might like to do to provide a service to help with a need in the community.

In May we will once again march in the Memorial Day Parade, and hold a Recognition Party for the Troop and families. Many of the girls are hoping to have their Gold Award Proposals completed and sent in by June 1st of this year, which is a huge undertaking! One of our Girls has already had her proposal approved and is on her way working on her project!

In June the Troop plans to travel to Cape Cod for a fun filled weekend. And the following week the Troop will be heading off to Prince Edward Island Canada for a week long stay in Lower Bedeque, on the west side of the island, and  stopping along the way at Girl Guide Camp Chacik in New Brunswick for one night. This year is the 100th anniversary of Girl Guides in Canada, so it will be an extra special adventure! 

The summer will be busy as girls will be working on their individual Gold Community Service Projects with their groups of volunteers. Thanks to all our parents for once again supporting and helping our troop stay strong! We’re almost there!    

Leader : Maureen Buckley   Co Leader - Lynda Allard 

Cookie Moms :  Elsa Zeitlin, Ausenda Cabral

Girls In Troop :

Rebecca Allard        Alison Brennan     Lisa Buckley        Kim Cabral             

Nicole Cabral          Briana Galluccio    Francheca Jokiaho    Alyssa LoGrasso

Kim Lyons              Kaitlin McKenzie    Alexia Manning        Nicole Savino 

Melissa Zeitlin    


Ambassadors                  Grade 12                        2010- 2011


                Troop 1420 Year in Review 2010-2011  

Before the scouting year began in September our Troop journeyed to Prince Edward Island in Canada  in June for an awesome adventure. We stopped on the way and stayed at  Girl Guide Camp Chacik in New Brunswick and traded patches, girl scout cookies( they have their own kinds) and swaps with a woman named Harriet who manages the camp. She told us alot about how scouting is run in Canada (it was the 100th Annivesary of Girl Guides this year) and there were lots of interesting things to see around the camp related to Girl Guides. After crossing over the Confederation Bridge ( 8 miles long) on to the island, we headed to Lower Bedeque where we stayed at the Auchinleck Farm Cottages directly on the North Cumberland Straight. Some highlights of the trip were lessons in cow milking, walks to the farm, bonfires on the beach, COWS factory tour ( ice cream), Ann of Green Gables Tour, Confederation Trail beaches, visit to the Capital in Charlottetown to see the Girl Guide  headquarters, amusement parks, nascar driving, tye dye tee shirts and bandanas, checking out their stores in Summerside, and the different currency, a visit to the Bottle House ( on the list of the 1000 things you should see before you die) and of course all those gimp key chains the girls made!! The weather was perfect and everyone had a super time! 

 Troop 1420 held a Kick off meeting in early September for both parents and scouts to discuss the upcoming year. The girls continue to run their own meetings and we are meeting again on Sunday nights once a month (along with other special activity dates).  Since this is going to be the final year as Girl Scouts for most of the Troop, we decided to run a fundraiser again with another Middle School Halloween Dance at Stoneham High School so that we could raise money for a final trip.  Girls have been working on their Gold Community Service Projects and so far Melissa Zeitlin ( middle school track program) , Alyssa Lo Grasso ( renovation and organizing of the SHS Drama Clubs prop room/supplies and purchase of a new cyclorama), and Rebecca Allard ( Pet CPR and first Aid instruction) have earned the award!!!  Great job girls!! Alison Brennan is almost done with her paperwork (summer basketball program) and we have seven more girls actively working on their projects. We will be holding a special graduation/gold ceremony for everyone later on in the year  This has been a very busy year so far!

In October we ran a Halloween MS Dance at the High School and also participated in the Keene Pumpkin Festival where we entered our carved pumpkins trying to beat the Guinness World of Records number from the previous year. We also volunteered our time while there and helped light the thousands of pumpkins throughout the town. In November we collected food for the local pantry in town and also worked on the Couch Potato IPP. (the stuffing was delicious!) . Some of the girls once again this year attended the Stoneham Veterans Day ceremony on November 11th.  In December the girls held a Yankee Swap Holiday party. Some interesting items were up for swap!! One of our scouts volunteered to be Frosty the snowman at the Town Tree Lighting this year too. Some girls did fundraising for our upcoming year end trip by wrapping gifts at Macys Dept Store (a new program they offered to scout and non profit groups) multiple times around the holidays. At our January meeting we celebrated Rebecca A’s 18th birthday .For World Thinking day we connected with  another Ambassador Girl Scout Troop from Honolulu , Hawaii and exchanged greetings and did a photo swap as a way of meeting other girl scouts around the world.  It is also cookie time and we have sold over 900 boxes so far total . You go girls!! Our February meeting brought the Troop to Sears in N.Reading where the girls helped collect donations for the Helping our Troops  group. . In April the girls met to make final plans for their end of year trip. The Troop planned a cruise to Bermuda, leaving from New Jersey to keep the cost down. Alison's aunt came to the meeting and discussed what running in a marathon was like for her and answered questions as we worked on requirements for the Go the Distance patch. All year, along the way, many scouts are still plugging away at organizing and planning their community service Gold Projects while juggling school, jobs , sports , dance, drama, college applications , etc. Alison earned the Gold award in April 2010. In May, once again our Troop (for the 13th year in a row) marched in the Memorial Day Parade in Stoneham. Gold Award recipients Alison Brennan, Rebecca Allard and Alyssa LoGrasso had the honor of reading aloud Logan's Orders at the cemetery ceremony during the parade. Many of the girls graduated from high school this year, including proms, college applications, finals, and graduation activities in with their scouting program. At the Leaders Tea in May, Melissa Zeitlin was recognized as the Stoneham GS Scholarship recipient for 2011 after completing paperwork and writing an essay. Congratulations to Melissa!  On June 18th 20 girls and chaperones, left on our Bermuda trip after months of planning. We went on the Royal Carribean Cruise line. In Bermuda, the girls spent a day at the famous Horseshoe Beach, and went to the Girl Guide headquarters in Hamilton the next day while touring the city. We swapped stories and patches and they are hoping to come to visit us in 2012 for the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouting. Many wonderful memories were made on the trip. The Troop was planning a Gold/Graduation ceremony for the summer but will probably wait til the Fall due to so many other commitments for the girls. We still  have seven more girls actively working on their Gold Award projects with the hopes of being done by the end of the summer. Good luck girls!! The following girls have just completed their 13th year of Girl Scouting ( BRENNAN, BUCKLEY,GALLUCCIO, JOKIAHO, LOGRASSO, SAVINO ) . Several others have just completed 12 years of Girl Scouting (ALLARD, K.CABRAL, N.CABRAL, MANNING, ZEITLIN) . That's a pretty amazing accomplishment! We wish the graduating Seniors good luck next year in college, and the remaining girls, best wishes in their senior year of high school and their last year of scouting as youth. 

Leader : Maureen Buckley   Co Leader - Lynda Allard 

Cookie Moms :  Elsa Zeitlin         Ausenda Cabral

Girls In Troop :

Rebecca Allard    Alison Brennan                Lisa Buckley             Kim Cabral             

Nicole Cabral      Briana Galluccio               Francheca Jokiaho    Alyssa LoGrasso

Kim Lyons           Kaitlin McKenzie              Alexia Manning         Nicole Savino    

Melissa Zeitlin